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emmis klemmis

emmis klemmis was founded in Milan (Italy) 2011 by Emma Sofia Nilsson, who wanted to bring to Italy the Scandinavian ecological philosophy and awareness. emmis klemmis™ is a brand designing functional organic baby clothes (GOTS) and accessories with unique prints. emmis klemmis™ designs for babies! Each model is designed to give the best comfort and protection for the baby at all times, when sleeping, getting dressed or needs to be changed.

We are also the official distributer in Italy of other nordic brands Summerville Organic, RebaelTeddykompaniet and Les Enfants.



Rebael is a Danish brand making completely non-toxic natural rubber pacifiers, 100% made in Denmark. Rebael pacifiers are made of pure natural rubber, completely without the addition of chemicals, to be the best and safest choice on the market. The pure natural rubber used means that Rebael pacifiers need to dry longer during the manufacturing process compared to pacifiers where chemicals are added to reduce drying time. The longer manufacturing process results in higher quality and completely clean and chemical free pacifiers. This means Rebael soothers last longer and don't discolour in the same way as many other soothers. This gives each pacifier a longer life and makes it a safer product.

Summerville Organic

Summerville organic is a Swedish brand founded in 2012. Their goal is to offer high-quality, organic baby products, the best for your baby. While working work with other baby products, they noticed a gap in the market fo organic textile products with nice designs for the smallest children. They had recently moved to Roslagen, a lovely village in the archipelago north of Stockholm. There they got time and inspiration and there ideas turned into products. In Roslagen, where the sea meets the beautiful landscape, Summerville was born.


Teddykompaniet i Båstad, sells soft animals, baby products and gift items, started as a family-run company almost 25 years ago. The idea came when Raili, a soon to be grandmother, saw the growing needs and demands of quality babyproducts and stuffed animals from kids and families. After the initial launch, with both Railis son and daughter by her side, the company quickly grew to 15 employees. The headquarters and the warehouse is located in the beautiful coastal town of Båstad in southern Sweden where the family grew up.

Les Enfants - A soft start in life

Les Enfants is a Scandinavian quality brand with its roots in Sweden. They combine design, functionality and quality to get that little extra needed for our products to become the obvious choice. With a Scandinavian contemporary design in calm neutral colours, easy to match with other
baby products and accessories we design products that makes everyday life ”easier with a style” for parents and their small ones.

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